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Our Impact: Markita, The Philippines

Markita and her family lost their home and their fishing boat in Typhoon Haiyan. Markita is one of the 47,000 people who live in Guiuan, a city bordered by water on three sides. It was in Guiuan that the Typhoon first made landfall.
Terrified for her elderly mother’s safety, Markita put her on the sofa and covered her with fishing nets. Markita and her children then huddled in a corner, covering themselves with pillows and mats, as the house was ripped away from around them.
After the storm passed, Markita started to clear away the debris in the hope of salvaging some of her family’s possessions, but all that remained were clothes.
“We have nothing left,” she said. “Everything’s gone. No appliances. No nothing. But we are alive.”
Markita is grateful for the shelter repair kit her family received. “Thank you very much to Habitat for helping us. We’re starting to rebuild now. These materials will be of help.”

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