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Mapping the future

Due to rapid urbanisation and unplanned development of slums across Dhaka in Bangladesh, it has become very difficult for organisations and government service providers to provide adequate basic services to slum dwellers.

As a result, an urban program focused on Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping collated key data about slum communities in Dhaka.

GIS is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to locations. The user friendly service will document information such as land ownership and management, livelihood characteristics of slum dwellers, housing conditions and demographic information.

Information from 25 urban slums was used to create a GIS map showing socio-economic status, demographic information, and access to essential services.

As slums are informal land not recognised by the government, such activities provides an up to date source of information and insights into the conditions slum dwellers face.

The data collated is now managed by the Slum Development Office of Dhaka North City Corporation and allows the city government and other non-governmental services providers to access and add to the information in the database. The data will also assist policy makers and those working in slums to develop appropriate and effective urban programs that will improve living standards.

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