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Making a difference, one sock at a time

Recently, Habitat for Humanity Australia partnered with Barnaby to help families in need.

When you buy a pair of Barnaby’s special design “Albert” socks, you’ll be helping give a family a safe roof overhead.
Get a pair of “Albert” socks for yourself or as a present for a friend, and you’ll be doing something good for you soul and something your soles will be happy with!
Each night, millions of people across Asia go to bed in houses with crumbling walls and broken roofs. Parents and children often fall sick because they are not protected from the elements, such as wind and rain. Illness prevents children from going to school and causes parents to miss work, and a day’s income. A secure, decent roof protects families and keeps them safe and healthy.
Barnaby are planning to sell 100 pairs to give a roof to a family in need.
Small changes have a big impact. You can help us reach our target by buying a pair of socks today.
76 pairs to go!
Get yours today


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