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Life after the Nepal earthquakes

Binda’s life went on a downward spiral after the two devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in 2015.

The earthquake brought complete chaos into Binda and her family’s lives and the death of her husband, at the age of 31 not long before, only made things worse. Binda and her family’s belongings were buried under the rubble after the house collapsed in the earthquake. Fortunately, none of the family were hurt and the cattle, their livelihood, were unharmed. But with two young children, aged 10 and 13, to feed and no proper place to live, Binda was at a loss as to how she could rebuild what she had lost.

Life took another turn for Binda, when Habitat for Humanity Nepal started an earthquake reconstruction program in her community. Binda was identified as a vulnerable family, and with the support of Habitat, the community and volunteers, Binda was able to build a safe and disaster-proof home she can call her own. From living in a shed since the earthquakes to recently moving into their new home, the last two years have indeed been quite a journey for Binda.

“I am very pleased to have a new house. I am grateful to Habitat for Humanity for helping the families in need,” Binda said. “Having your own home frees you from so many anxieties. Now I can focus on educating my children.”

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