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Improving access to water in Bangladesh

In areas of Northern Bangladesh lack of access to clean and safe water means women like Amena are left with the task of walking long distances, often multiple times a day to fetch water for their families.

Unfortunately, this is a common story for women and children around the world, who spend an astounding 125 million hours each day collecting water.
“We had to go to a rich man’s home to collect water from the well and would have to wait for an hour,” said Amena. “We had to go in the morning and the evening and this meant that we lost a lot of working time.”
Through our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project in Northern Bangladesh a new well has been installed in Amena’s village.
“The new well has improved the health and hygiene of my community,” said Amena. “People from surrounding areas now come to our village to collect water. We feel proud that we have our own well and do not have to rely on others.”
We are now into the second year of our four year integrated WASH program with a focus on improving access to facilities for the poor and vulnerable, and creating an environment for better WASH services.

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