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New hope for the future

Thanks to your support, Chhoun and his family were able to move into their new home in Cambodia last year!

Previously, Chhoun’s family, which includes his parents, two children, a niece and a younger brother, used to live in a rental house in an informal settlement which was too small for the family of seven. As their home was informal and not recognised by the government, each month they were charged expensive rates for rent and private utilities demanded by the slum lords.

“Life has been busier, but in a great way,” said Has Leng, Chhoun’s mother. “Now that we have this security, every day, we plan for the future and the education of the children.”

Chhoun’s mother adds that having a clean, dry and well-lit place for the children to study and learn has resulted in many benefits. “My granddaughters’ grades are better than before,” Has Leng said. “The grandchildren told me that they feel better living here and have motivation to study.”

Currently, Chhoun works as a motor taxi driver and earns around $10 – $15 a day. His parents also help supplement the income by selling vegetables at the market. As the family now no longer needs to pay for expensive rent and utilities, they will now be able to better save for the future and give their children a solid foundation and a fresh start.

“Every morning my wife and I get up early, collect the vegetables and then bring them to the market to sell. We earn around $10 a day. The money that we earn, we use to pay for food and other basic expenses.” said Senghong.

“In the near future we will buy some baby chickens to raise at the back of our house, so we can earn more,” Senghong added. The family plans to use this income to support the children’s education.

“We would like to send our gratitude to all those who made our dreams come true with this new house and this new hope in our lives,” Has Leng said.

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