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HFHA 2014 Annual Report now online

Habitat for Humanity Australia’s Annual Report is available to read or download online. The report features success stories from the past year and updates on our projects in Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, The Philippines and Indonesia.

The report also features some of our key achievements. At Habitat for Humanity, we work to provide safe, affordable and decent housing to families in need. We also work with communities and provide training in areas of construction, livelihoods, water, sanitation and hygiene.
See below for some of our achievements and read the full annual report here.

Community health

Community health is improved by providing clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene awareness training.

  • 426 toilets installed
  • 5,590 community members completed health and hygiene training
  • 3,025 people accessing shared cleanwater facilities


Habitat for Humanity improves economic security by training communities in livelihood and financial literacy.

  • 258 people completed vocational training
  • 132 people accessed micro loans
  • 305 people completed financial management training

Shelter security

Providing permanent safe and secure homes is the cornerstone of Habitat for Humanity’s philosophy. Shelter security is an important goal in its own right and a powerful catalyst to reduce poverty. It cuts across almost every indicator for human development.

  • 106 new homes built
  • 171 homes repaired
  • 313 people educated about secure land tenure and property rights
  • 1,795 people trained in construction skills
  • 607 people completed disaster preparedness training

If you would like further information, please contact our Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Manager, Michelle Turpie, on 02 9919 7000 or email [email protected].
Read the full 2014 Annual Report here

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