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Help flood affected families in Nepal rebuild

News of the recent monsoonal floods in Nepal that have affected thousands may have disappeared from the headlines, but for families displaced and devastated by the rains there is a long road to recovery ahead.

The flooding in Nepal is considered to be the worst in the last 15 years. The monsoon has affected over 1.7 million people and displaced more than 40,000 families in 35 districts, partially or completely damaged over 200,000 houses, and left roads impassable.

Sadly little news coverage has been devoted to the communities devastated by the monsoon and flooding which started around mid-July and reached a peak during mid-August. However, together we can make a difference in the lives of flood affected families and aid in their recovery.

Habitat for Humanity has already begun distributing relief items as part of the initial emergency response phase. So far over 80 relief kits comprising items such as water backpacks, tarpaulin sheets, water purifiers and mosquito nets have been distributed to families affected by the natural disaster in Morang, Sunsari and Saptari districts.

Dev, 40 lost his home in the flood but thankfully his shop, the only source of income, is still standing.

A tarpaulin from Habitat for Humanity has helped turn his small shop into a makeshift shelter for his family. “The tarpaulin sheet has given us a temporary roof over our heads and relief during the natural disaster,” he said.

To add to this, Habitat for Humanity Nepal is also carrying out emergency needs assessments and 1,400 local people have been mobilised to clean up waterlogged homes and distribute relief kits.

In South-East Nepal Habitat staff, local volunteers and community groups who were trained through a disaster risk reduction program funded by Australian supporters prior to the disaster, are supporting flood affected communities and families.

These clean up teams have already helped 115 families in Anita’s community where 20 houses were swept away and 60 houses were severely damaged by flood.

“I was anxious, not sure how to clean up my house alone,” said Anita, 60. “You’ve helped remove the most difficult mud and debris. Now I can clean slowly by myself. Thank you. Now I can at least breathe.”

Habitat for Humanity is planning a three-phase intervention comprising emergency relief, recovery and reconstruction responses to help families hit by the devastating floods that ravaged 35 districts along the country’s southern plains.

Your support is needed to help families affected by the natural disaster access essential relief kits and rebuild their lives. Please make a donation today.

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