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Healthy Homes In Vietnam

Two years ago, My’s health was at its poorest and the cost of making weekly visits to the hospital consumed her family’s monthly income.

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My’s two children made the decision to put their mother’s health first, and left school so they could start contributing to the household income.The family’s living conditions were also substandard which added to My’s health troubles.

‘It was very hard for us. My daughter and I slept on the
only bed while my husband and son lay on the floor.We wanted a new house for a long time but it was not
easy when I was sick,’ said My.

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Thanks to your commitment to our cause, we have been able to build My and her family a new, disaster-resilient home. The home has ample space which has allowed My to start raising goats to supplement the family’s income. In addition, My has noticed improvements to her health, and now only needs to visit the hospital every three months for check ups.

“I feel my health has been better recently since moving into the new home,”adds My.

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