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Your gift this Christmas can save lives

While many of us in Australia are preparing for Christmas, our neighbours in the Pacific are are facing great trepidation as cyclone season approaches.
Around this time last year, my colleagues in the Philippines were responding to the damaged caused by Typhoon Haima. And just last month our partners in Nepal were busy providing relief to families in Nepal where they experienced the worst monsoonal floods in the last 15 years.

It is heartbreaking to hear stories of families who have lost everything – those who are already living in poverty and thrust further and further into an ongoing cycle of hardship.

It can feel like the devastation never ends – especially for communities that live in poverty across disaster-prone regions. This means that their homes are constantly at risk and it is almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty.

Every year, our partnership with communities and families supports them into decent shelter. Our work across the Pacific is always mindful that when cyclones strike, they can cause immeasurable damage. That’s why our focus lies in preparing communities and minimising devastation through building disaster-resilient, safe shelter solutions.

If a storm strikes, we can only be ready to respond if you’re there with us. Please, think about the commitment you can make today to stand with those in the Pacific. We need your support now.

Every $1 spent on disaster preparedness saves $7 in response costs. This means that your gift today can have seven times the impact.

This Christmas, please make a tax deductible gift that will save lives.

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