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From despair to hope in Cambodia

Imagine raising a young family in a house made of nothing but palm leaves, with no clean water, sanitation or a locking door.

These are the conditions Pokya, her husband and their children lived in for years in one of Phnom Penh’s biggest slums.

When their home caught fire, the family was left with no shelter and Pokya was at a loss as to how she could protect her family. Through our Building Homes, Building Positive Lives project, together we have been able to transform the lives of families living in poverty, like Pokya’s.

Having a safe, decent home to call her own has made a world of difference to Pokya. In her old home, Pokya was very worried for the safety of her children, particularly her three daughters.

It is a great relief to her knowing they have privacy with their own toilet, a locking door to keep them safe and access to clean water.

Pokya’s 14 year old daughter, Srey Pich told us she and her siblings would often fall sick from the poor living conditions. Now they are healthier and happier, and have a place to study.

“I am happy to live here and am happy to study,” says Srey Pich.

We’re looking forward to helping more families like Pokya’s through our Building Homes, Building Positive Lives project. Here’s what’s coming up this year:

  • Livelihood training for 136 families.
  • Construction of 20 new homes.
  • Repair or renovation of 35 homes.
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene training for 136 families.

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