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Every hand builds strength and stability

Clean hands and a new Classroom

In partnership with DFAT’s (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Australian NGO Cooperation Progam (ANCP), our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, and with the support of ANSA Homes we are improving health and hygiene for students in Cambodia.

Health and hygiene education can only be achieved if children have a safe and sturdy classroom and somewhere to wash their hands. Students attending the Samdach Primary School, Battambang Province, Cambodia, have had significant repairs done to one of their classrooms, along with the construction of handwashing facilities and the facilitation of a hygiene education program, thanks to the work of Habitat for Humanity, Cambodia, with the support of HFHA, DFAT’s ANCP, and ANSA homes.

One of the wooden classrooms needed repairs done to the roof, walls, and floor. The school’s director mobilised resources and was able to contribute $200US to the build. The staff and students are very pleased with the new classroom and are able to take what they have learnt about handwashing and disease prevention back home to their families.

“Before, I never have a better classroom like this to study as the wall was broken, and the roof was leaking in some part when raining. Now I have a better place to study when my classroom is completely renovated. Moreover, we now can have a handwashing station in our school, so we all practice washing our hands regularly. I understand the importance of hygiene and sanitation practice for my daily life after my classmate and I attended the hygiene event. What I learned from the event also was shared with my brother and sister at home and when I got back home,” said Rith Nary, a 14-year-old student in grade 6, Samdach Primary School. 

Every donation made to Habitat for Humanity Australia for this project is combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. Since we have committed to contribute at least $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government, ANSA home’s support allows us to extend our programs and impact the lives of more people.

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