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- now more than ever, we need you

Coronavirus | Home Together Fund

Everyone has been impacted by the current global pandemic. During this crisis, a safe and secure home has never been more important. For the health and safety of our family and community, we have been told to stay home however, it is estimated that 1.6 billion people globally live without adequate shelter. For many of the communities, we work in, inadequate housing conditions threaten to greatly aggravate this deadly health crisis. As a global community, we must work together to ensure everyone has access to a safe, secure and healthy home, giving families a healthy foundation to build their future. Funds raised will go directly to the Home Together Fund. This will enable Habitat Australia to remain sustainable, and ensure we can continue to help those most in need, as soon as we are able to, in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

- you have the power to empower others

The Impact

As this disease has spread, we have had to implement many changes to help protect the health, safety and well-being of all those involved in our work, and our utmost priority, the people and communities we serve.

As a result, we have had to shut down our overseas volunteering program and cancel our annual fundraising gala, which will significantly impact on our ability to support them.

Last year, together with our generous supporters and partners, we were able to help over 14,000 people. Next year, there may be a similar number who are at risk.

“Home has rarely been more of a life or death situation.”

Leilani Farha, UN special rapporteur on the right of adequate housing.

Housing Crisis

Before this pandemic, the world was already experiencing a housing crisis. The coronavirus has revealed its extent and added to its urgency. Your support makes Habitat’s mission to build homes, communities and hope successful – it always has. Habitat is needed now more than ever. And now more than ever, we need you.

- every donation helps protect vulnerable families

Our Response

Our response to this crisis will require a global community of support. Despite the difficulty reaching those in need, to date your support has

Hygiene Kits

Distributing essential humanitarian assistance in a way that avoids spreading the disease, such as hygiene kits to 5,000 families in India, and 800 more in the Philippines.

Temporary Shelter

Inadequate shelter can increase respiratory diseases which aggravate the impact of the virus, such as temporary shelters for 600 medical staff in Indonesia.

Decongesting Settlements

Decongesting and reducing human density in settlements to maintain social distancing and reduce transmission

Expanding Shelters

Expanding the shelters of vulnerable households to reduce overcrowding and mitigate the spread of the virus


Supporting the most vulnerable by providing groceries and hygiene supplies to 4,000 families living in public housing, and 3 elderly centres in Hong Kong, and also 37 families who have lost their livelihoods in Nepal.

How You Can Help

The uncertainty so many of us feel today, these families have felt for a lifetime — if not generations. Your donation will help Habitat to continue to do what we do best: build back communities, build back security and stability, and build back hope. We can unite, as never before, to emerge from this crisis stronger together. Please donate today using the online form below, by calling 1800 88 55 99, and by mail to Habitat for Humanity Australia, PO Box 1048, North Sydney NSW 2059