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Our Board

The Board oversees all aspects of our work and makes sound and informed decisions in the best interest of the families who benefit from programs both in Australia and overseas.

Habitat for Humanity Australia is governed by a voluntary Board. The individuals who make up the Board have diverse backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experience to assist in their role. Below are our current Directors:

Duncan West

Chair Governance & Nominations Committee

Ian Graham

Chair Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Gideon van der Westhuizen

Chair International Program Advisory Committee

Paul Mulroney

Chair Australian Program Advisory Committee

Bart Mead

Australian Program Advisory Committee

Phil Burns

Member Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Sue Boyce

Social Enterprise Committee

Michael Arman

Australian Program Advisory Committee

Negaya Chorley

International Program Advisory Committee

Bernadette Bolo-Duthy

International Program Advisory Committee