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- building impact in Asia and the Pacific

what we do overseas

Our Work

We work in partnership with the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and our global Habitat for Humanity offices to deliver our international programs overseas. We partner with communities across the Asia Pacific region to address housing problems and to support integrated community development.

we do more than just build houses

Housing Security

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Disaster Reduction & Recovery

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Urban Programing & Advocacy

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

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our development approach


Our strategic focus is to transform lives by tackling housing inequality in an increasingly urbanised world. Directly linking families and communities to financial support mechanisms, secure tenure and safe housing products and services, including access to basic services such as water, sanitation, waste management and electricity.

building community impact​

Directly linking families and communities to financial support mechanisms, secure tenure and safe housing products and services, including access to basic services such as water, sanitation, waste management and electricity.

building sector impact

Supporting the development of national housing markets, including finance, construction materials and labour, and advocating to governments for policy and system change which support communities to access decent housing at scale.

our programs

Across all our projects, considerations are made to:

Child Protection

Protect the rights of children.

Protect the environment

Reduce potential negative environmental impacts.


Ensure the sustainability of project results.

Support the vulnerable

Reach the most vulnerable incl. women, marginalised groups and those with disabilities

Reduce Risk

Reduce risks from naturaldisasters.

- every program supports vulnerable communities in Asia and the Pacific​an overview of our work

- every program supports vulnerable communities in Asia and the Pacific​


Preparing communities for natural disasters and improving the safety of homes and schools. Building community evacuation centres and addressing waste management needs.


Improving shelter security, access to clean water and health care services for the elderly and disabled. Microfinance loans to kick start small businesses.


Providing technical support to ensure homes meet construction standards and can withstand disasters. Community led disaster planning. Microfinance, livelihood and skill development training.


Swimming lessons to prepare children for seasonal monsoon floods. Safer water facilities, drilled wells, toilets, piped water infrastructure as well as waste management training. Disaster training and housing repairs.


Home, toilet and water tank construction. Community training in hygiene and safe water practices. Climate smart housing techniques and disaster resilient technology

- every program supports thesustainable development goals

Habitat for Humanity Australia is committed to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals throughout our programs. Housing is a driver, catalyst and contributor for the following five SDG goals:

Goal 1

No Poverty Adequate housing builds resilience and reduces vulnerability to economic, social, and climate-related shocks and disasters.

Goal 5

Gender Equality Equal access to housing protects women from discriminatory policies and practices related to land distribution, titling and inheritance.

Goal 6

Clean Water and Sanitation Access to clean water and sanitation are integral to safe, healthy, adequate housing.

Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy Housing systems that are energy-efficient and that use affordable, clean, energy save costs and reduces air pollution and the effects of climate change

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities Access to affordable, adequate, safe, and inclusive housing and basic services increases resilience.

- our impact stories

Stories from overseas

Meet Mrs Thuan

Life has not been kind to Mrs Thuan and her family. She lives in a degraded house in a southern Vietnamese province called Dong Thap, with her two children. Her husband suffered a…

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