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Chan Thon’s story

As part of our New Start, New Life project in Cambodia, we are working with families like Chan Thon’s to build safe and decent homes.
Despite experiencing much hardship in his life, Chan Thon has always been determined to provide a better future for his family.

“I was a soldier on active duty with the Cambodian Armed Force Division. Sadly, I stepped on a landmine when I was in a fight against the Khmer rouge Army in 1987. I became disabled in my right leg,” Chan Thon said.

However this hasn’t stopped him from working. Thon still works hard as a a fisherman and farmer to support his family of seven, but sadly, their crops are insufficient and they are forced to buy rice from the market for at least four months or more each year.

In addition, two of his family members have also been suffering from illness, which means that most of their savings go to paying medical bills.

“We spend around $40 per month on their medical bills and treatment. Much of my pension just covers this, and the rest goes to support the children’s schooling, their food, and clothing,” Thon shared.

With these monthly expenses, there was nothing left to improve their living conditions. Thon’s family lived in a small, makeshift house cobbled together with sheets of corrugated iron, palm leaves and small pieces of wood. In addition, Thon’s wife, Bun, fears that poisonous animals and insects will enter their home at night.

“I worry about venomous snakes, scorpions, or ants bitting,” Bun added.

Thanks to your support, Thon and his family were able to build a new home with solar panelling.

“I’d like to express my deep thanks to Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and the volunteers who came to help my family out with the construction. I wish everyone success in their lives,” Bun said excitedly.

With a safe and decent home to live in, Thon and his family can look forward to a brighter future.

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