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Celebrating parents around the world

June 1 marks Global Day of Parents. To celebrate, we are taking a look at some of the amazing parents around the world who work tirelessly to provide the best for their families, despite the difficult conditions or situations they may face. Here are some of the inspiring parents we have worked with to help build better and more promising futures for their families.

Urmila, Nepal

Urmila has been raising her son and daughter alone since her husband died five years ago. Before partnering with Habitat, they lived in a dilapidated house that had straw walls, a thatched roof, and was not weather proof. With no access to a toilet, the family was forced to defecate in the forest. Urmila was constantly worried for her teenage daughter’s safety. Habitat helped Urmila build a safe and secure home for her family, and they now have access to a hygienic toilet and clean water. Urmila can now focus on building a bright future for her children.
“Living in our new house has changed my family’s life. My children are happy and safe.” – Urmila

Thida, Cambodia

Years after Thida’s first husband died, she became ill and eventually tested positive for HIV. After receiving this life-changing news, Thida’s second husband divorced her and abandoned her and their three children. Thida is one of the many single mothers partnering with Habitat to build safe and decent homes for HIV/AIDS affected families. Thida’s new home is a place where her children can study and fulfil their potential. Her teenage son is the top of his class and wants to be a doctor when he finishes school.
Thida_Family 1 - wave 1
“I’ve had a hard life and have struggled, but I’m so grateful to have a will provide security for my children.” – Thida, Cambodia

Naw, Myanmar

Naw lives with her husband and children in a remote village in Mon State. Naw and her children used to collect water five times a day from the river, which is 30 minutes away. With no access to a toilet, the family had to defecate in the forest, which scared Naw and her children, especially at night. As part of Project LifeChange, Naw’s family received materials and help to build a toilet. A new water well in their village means Naw now has more time to collect wood to earn money, and her family are healthier and happier.
“Now we don’t have to worry about having enough water.” – Naw, Myanmar

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