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Celebrating mothers around the world

They say that a mother’s love is like nothing else in the world. These five mothers haven’t had it easy but thanks to your support, together we have been able to make an enormous difference in their lives.

Morn, Cambodia

After the passing of her husband, Morn struggled to pay the $25 a month rent to stay in the Cambodian slum where she raised her daughter, Sona. In order to provide for her daughter, Morn found a job in the city working at a recycling shop.
“What concerned me the most was that I had to leave my young daughter at our rented house. I could not bring her with me because she had to study and I did not want her to end up like me. My neighbours were taking care of her, however I still felt uneasy and worried about her safety. I tried my best to check on her but if I missed work, I did not earn anything for my family,” Morn said.
With your help, she has been able to build a safe, new home. No longer needing to pay expensive rent, she has been able to return to her community to live with her daughter.
“I feel very happy. My daughter and I are very safe here,” she said. “Our new home will lead to better things in life.”

Diep, Vietnam

diep and 2 kids
Diep’s house in Quang Nam province, Vietnam, lacked basic facilities like a toilet and kitchen and was often hot and humid as it had a steel roof. To add to that, the avian flu that struck in 2012 killed all the ducklings they were going to rear and sell for meat. Diep’s two children were also infected and hospitalised.
Now, Diep’s new home has two bedrooms, a living room, a permanent kitchen, and a toilet.
“The children’s health is much better and they rarely get sick now. I am so happy. Thank you Habitat for Humanity.”

Sreang, Cambodia

House 2 Finished
Sreang married at a young age and sadly in 2004, her husband passed away in an accident, leaving her to raise their young daughter on her own.
In 2012, Sreang met her second husband, Mao who cares for Sreang’s daughter as his own. The family lived in a self-built tiny cottage on a small plot of land. With inadequate building supplies, the small house had old zinc as walls, broken wooden floors and holes on the roof.
With the help of Habitat supporters, earlier this year the family were able to build a new home of their own.
“This new home will give my entire family a new hope. We never thought we would have enough money to fulfil our dream of a proper home”, she added.


Terry with her daughter Fuata infront of thier new house in Lami Suva that was built for them during Build Back Safer Training conducted by Habitat for Humanity in Fiji
As a single mother, Terry was struggling to make ends meet at a garment factory in the city where she earned only 34 Fijian dollars (AUD$22) a week. She rented a tiny house in the area while her nine-year-old daughter lived with relatives far away so she could attend school. When Tropical Cyclone Winston struck, Terry was worried for her daughter’s safety, knowing that she was not in a secure place.
Terry was one of the families selected for a Habitat home as part of a disaster reconstruction program and after a long separation, she is now experiencing the joy of living in her own home reunited with her daughter.
“It’s a miracle!” Terry said. “That is why this house built by Habitat means so much to me. I can live with my daughter and be safe.”

Binda, Nepal

featured binda
Binda and her family’s belongings were buried under the rubble after the house collapsed in the devastating earthquakes in 2015. With two young children, aged 10 and 13, to feed and no proper place to live, Binda was at a loss as to how she could rebuild what she had lost.
Binda was identified as a vulnerable family, and with the support of Habitat, the community and volunteers, she was able to build a safe and disaster-proof home she can call of her own.
“Having your own home frees you from so many anxieties. Now I can focus on educating my children,” she said.
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