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Our Impact: Bina, Nepal

Bina is twenty-nine years old. She was married when she was 14 and moved to India with her new husband. The union was not a happy one and he soon took a new wife. Bina was forced to move back to Nepal to live with her mother.

The family suffered greatly from continued sickness due to the damp conditions of their bamboo hut. Bina also struggled under the stigma of being a single mother in a community that frowns upon abandoned women. Bina did her best to provide for her young son and ailing mother, but finding work in the village was very difficult.
She and her mother were able to save up some money and with Habitat’s help they were able to build their current concrete house. Bina takes great pride in the space, decorating with her own art and an array of colourful fabrics. She was able able to gain training in handicrafts so can now work from her new home to provide for her family.
Her son is attending school and doing very well. Bina, who was not able to go school herself, is so happy her son will have the opportunities she did not have growing up.

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