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How a bath house changed lives

Chor Gobudia is a poor community in Northern Bangladesh where about 30 families reside. With limited resources, the community lacks basic facilities such as toilets and access to safe water. Their only source of water came from an old well which was easily contaminated and lead to the spread of water borne diseases.

Without adequate facilities in the community, there was no other choice that to bathe openly in a public place. For women and girls in the community in particular, this was a source of discomfort and insecurity.

Thanks to your support, Habitat for Humanity was able to build a bath house for the community in Chor Gobudia. Now, women have the liberty to take baths in the privacy of a safe and comfortable place. The bath houses also have better access to drinking water, meaning the time used to collect water can now be dedicated to employment or schooling.


“It is a blessing for us that Habitat installed a bathhouse here. The most important thing is now the women of this community do not have to take a bath in front of other males – it was a painful experience for me back then,” said Mou Sorker, one of the girls in the community.

Sumi Sorker, a mother in the community, is also grateful for this big change.

“I have two small kids and previously, it was very difficult for me to clean them. Now I can do this easily as I have a safe and secure bathing place near my house. The kids also enjoy taking baths,” she said.

A simple bath house can change the lives of an entire community. With your support, we can continue to help more communities in need have better access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

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