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Arup team lend a hand in the Blue Mountains

A volunteer team from Arup joined us at the beginning of the month for a Brush with Kindness activity in The Blue Mountains.
The team spent the day helping Carmel and Paul, who lost their home in the Blue Mountains during the devastating bush fires which tore through the area in October 2013. The family have since rebuilt their home, but Carmel and Paul have been through a tough time lately dealing with financial and health issues.
Arup’s volunteers rolled up their sleeves and helped Carmel and Paul with landscaping and clearing of weeds around their home. After a day’s hard work from Arup, Carmel and Paul will now be able to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.
Habitat for Humanity and Carmel and Paul are very thankful to Arup for their hard work.
See below for photos of the team on the day and what they achieved.

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