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ANSA Homes

Habitat for Humanity Australia has entered into an exciting new sponsorship agreement with ANSA Homes to help families in need across the Asia Pacific.
For every home ANSA builds, they are donating funds to Habitat for Humanity Australia, to build a home for a family in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.
ANSA, which builds throughout South West Sydney, has already handed over the first installment of its new humanitarian venture, money that will fund Habitat’s on-going programme providing safe and decent shelter for families based on a “hand up, not a hand out.”  The money will build safe and secure homes for disadvantaged families in the Asia-Pacific.
The new link-up, which will include an ANSA team going as volunteers to build a home overseas with Habitat for Humanity Australia, came out of a company brainstorming session.
“We were fine tuning our mission statement, reflecting on our core values looking at why we do what we do,” says Bryan Henderson, ANSA’s Project Manager, “and we realised that they coincided with those of Habitat for Humanity. It comes down to the fact that we believe everyone deserves to have a good home.”
He said that whilst business success was important “what motivates us has to be more than profit.”
Ian Graham, interim CEO of Habitat, said the relationship with ANSA felt like a natural partnership opportunity, with both organisations sharing a similar belief in generosity of spirit and helping others in need.
“The work of Habitat for Humanity Australia and its partners has consistently shown that a good home is the foundation for improving a family’s whole life – education, security, health and well being,” he said.
“We are incredibly grateful to ANSA. The Home for Home partnership is unique and will provide an important boost to our work helping the most needy,” he said.
For more information on our Home for a Home Campaign or to learn more about partnering with Habitat for Humanity Australia please email [email protected].

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