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Alex’s volunteering experience in Nepal

Feeling inspired to give back and build a home for a family in need? Past Global Village volunteer, Alex shares her experience.

Alex travelled with us to Nepal last year to build a home for a family in need. Here, she and the team visited the slum where the family they were building for were currently living.

“We saw how important it is to have access to proper housing in terms of hygiene, warmth and the basic needs that all humans deserve the right to,” said Alex.

Seeing the living conditions and knowing what impact a safe, decent home would create made building and working side by side the partner family all the more powerful and moving.

“Knowing that you are making a difference in their lives has to be the best part,” said Alex. “It was also incredibly rewarding seeing an actual physical structure in front of you at the end of the build that your team and
yourself built from scratch.”

With her first build now under her belt, Alex is looking forward to planning her next Global Village trip and encourages others to take the plunge.

“Be prepared to work hard and love each moment of it…You also get one of the best gifts of all, the ability to change someone’s life.”

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