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A healthy home

Meng Nat and her husband, Sambo sold their family home to pay for medical treatment after both of them fell ill. With nowhere to go, the family found themselves living in one of Phnom Penh’s many slums.

“Living here was very difficult,” said Srey, Meng Nat and Sambo’s eldest daughter. “Our roof and walls leaked when it rained and we could not sleep. The entire place would get wet and we did not have a proper toilet.”

Since partnering with Habitat to build a safe and decent home, Meng Nat and her family have noticed significant improvements to her and her husband’s health.

“My new home and the new environment we live in right now have made me healthier,” said Sambo. “I feel more energetic and hardly find myself getting weak.”

With her parents in better health due to their new house, Srey no longer needs to stay at home to take care of them. Her parents are now able to use their income, that otherwise would have gone towards rent and expensive utilities, to send Srey back to school.

We are looking forward to moving into phase three of our Building Homes, Building Positive Lives project in Cambodia, which will help more families like Sambo and Meng Nat’s access safe housing and have brighter, more hopeful futures. Make a donation today to help more families in need.

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