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7 inspiring pictures of parenthood

June 1st marks the Global Day of Parents which is a day to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship. Be inspired by some of the amazing parents that we work with in the Asia Pacific.
1. The Khatis, Nepal

“I hope for a good future for our children and that they stay on the correct path and right track. Our home is a great progress in our life and will put us on track.”
– Arjun (middle) and his family.
2. Loem, Cambodia

“Having this house provides more consistency and structure for our family. Now that we have our own place, Bicheka is doing well in school. My hope is to see her have a bright future. If she has a great future and is happy, I too will be happy.”
– Loem with his wife and daughter, Bicheka
3. Japardi, Indonesia

“We have a hope that the children’s lives will be better because of this home. Now there are no problems with the house, we can focus on other things – we are focusing on saving for the children’s futures and education.”
– Japardi and his three daughters
4. Morn, Cambodia

“I could not bring my daughter with me because she had to study. My neighbours were taking care of her, however I still felt uneasy and worried about her safety. I tried my best to check on her but if I missed work, I did not earn anything for my family,” says Morn. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity supporters Morn and her daughter have been reunited, With a safe, new home to call her own.
5. Subadi, Indonesia

“But when we heard the drip drops of the rain, my children would scramble to move their books so they could continue studying and not get their work or themselves wet… I felt sad my house was this way. My kids didn’t have a place to study. I would like them to do well at school and have a better life.”
– Subadi and his three children
6. Sreang, Cambodia

“The leaking roof, the cold and mosquitoes caused so much trouble for us. We wanted to have a proper house where we could sleep safely at night and give security to my young daughter, but we didn’t have the money to fulfil our dream. This new house will give my entire family new hope. We no longer need to worry about the leaking roof or protecting our family at night and can focus on providing our daughter with an education”
– Sreang and her daughter
7. Ngalimin, Indonesia

“My children are so happy and so am I. I just want the best for them, so they don’t have to experience the struggles I did.”
– Ngalimin
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