Lending a hand in Western Australia

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Lending a hand in Western Australia

Last month, ten eager Christian Brothers College (CBC) Fremantle staff have turned their backs on their chalk boards and books to help a family in Thornlie, Western Australia.

This was part of Habitat’s Brush with Kindness program which mobilises teams of volunteers program to conduct landscaping and minor repairs to the exterior of homes of people who may be disadvantaged, disabled or socially isolated.

As low income earners, the family of 12 were experiencing difficulties managing to live day to day and couldn’t believe their luck when they were offered a hand up to improve their living conditions.

“I’m only using three lights in the house to keep my electricity costs down…I can’t believe all this help with my home, I just want something better for my kids”, explains mum Cas.

Thanks to the volunteers and Dulux in Cannington, who provided the paint and accessories, they patched and painted three quarters of the home. In addition, they constructed a new bunk bed and kitted it out for the kids.

As part of the ‘sweat equity’ component, three of the family members pitched in to work with the volunteer team. Partner families contribute 500 hours of their own time in return for a low-interest mortgage and capped repayments. Cas’ family will also continue to work on the rest of the home that has yet to be completed.

“Without our corporate volunteer program and the support of our sponsors, we’d be unable to deliver low-cost programs such as Brush with Kindness to families in need,” said Christine Stanton, Habitat WA’s Executive Director. “It was great to see the family working alongside our volunteers to help them renovate and restore their home. They showed real enthusiasm with their tasks and an eagerness to improve their living conditions.”

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  1. Margret Egger
    Margret Egger
    2 years ago

    Absolute High 5 congratulations to all that participated with this impressive project.
    Very important that family members are involved as part of it, to learnt from more experienced volunteers and improve their confidence and skills to be able to improve their self help skills. Such team work brings invaluable benefits all round and I am deeply impressed with the scheme, leaving a portion to the owners to encourage their sense of ownership and all that goes with it. Hope they can keep networking with other similar initiatives. A special thank you also to any businesses corporate and otherwise who are willing to donate materials, lend needed tools/gadgets/machinery or make it available at self cost price. Interest free loans are also such a valuable part of it and have proven absolute overriding positive outcomes here and overseas. Please keep it up and hopefully grow in willing and available members the word needs such uplifting initiatives, like the impressive ‘men’s – sheds ‘ movement that celebrated their recognition day during the week.Bravo to you all.

    • Habitat for Humanity Australia
      Habitat for Humanity Australia
      2 years ago

      Thanks for your kind words Margret!

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