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Volunteering in Brisbane.

Habitat for Humanity Australia have some great volunteering opportunities underway in Queensland. We’re excited to share with you all the great work we do in the Sunshine State, and who better to fill us in than our very own Volunteer Supervisor for Queensland, Helena.

“I’m fortunate to lead teams of wonderful volunteers on Brush with Kindness activities around the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We come together to clean and paint accommodation for those experiencing disadvantage; this can be families escaping domestic violence or those receiving housing support in our indigenous communities. It is very rewarding work and is very much appreciated by the accommodation providers as well as the families. For the partners we work with it means their limited budget and resources can be focused on the families they support, and for the families it can be a life-changing experience.

This work involves many things I like doing – painting; talking with new people, being practical, being physically active, planning stuff and a love of working through the logistics, and then…improvising when things don’t go the way I planned.

It’s amazing to be a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. When you volunteer you learn new skills and meet other likeminded individuals. You laugh, smile and can do something that you didn’t do yesterday, or maybe ever before. When you volunteer on a Brush with Kindness day you’re literally changing someone’s life.

Tips for volunteering on a Brush with Kindness day in Brisbane? Stay cool! Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in and that are safe to work in, and if we’re outside – wear or apply sun protection. Also, make sure you stay hydrated with lots of water!

If you’re interested, please register as a volunteer, and then check the calendar for upcoming opportunities to get involved.