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Studio Purpose | Supporting Homeless Youth

Habitat for Humanity South Australia is committed to supporting 1 in 9 homeless youth access safe accommodation in Murray Bridge through the Studio Purpose project.

Studio Purpose is a partnership with, Anglicare SA, headspace, Rural City of Murray Bridge, and SA Housing Authority. Habitat for Humanity’s role is to refurbish and renovate the units through our Brush with Kindness program. Collectively we will create a space for young people to live in stability and safety.

The vision of Studio Purpose is to give these vulnerable young people the best possible chance to improve their lives. They do this by providing safe accommodation and access to integral support services. A key focus of Studio Purpose is to work with young tenants to develop their ‘next steps’ in housing. If possible, the goal is to reconnect and reunify them with their families. If this isn’t possible, there is support available to help them live independently in private rentals, community accommodation or public housing.

Sadly, nearly 200 youth aged 15 – 21 in the Murray Bridge region are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Young people experiencing homelessness are less likely to attend school, secure a job, maintain friendships or eat properly. They’re more likely to experience mental health issues, substance abuse and engage in criminal activity. And, if they don’t get the right support now, they are at risk of facing homelessness for life.

None of us want that. So, we are committed to being a part of the solution – Studio Purpose.

Studio Purpose addresses the lack of safe accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness in the Murray Bridge region. Once complete, Studio Purpose will include four self-contained, fully furnished units for short-term rent to youth aged 15 to 21. Studio Purpose will also work with residents to provide practical support required for success. They will focus on health and wellbeing, education and training, connection to the local community and longer-term sustainable housing options. Habitat for Humanity’s role is to refurbish and renovate the units. We will create a clean, refreshed and calming space for young people to live and thrive. 

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