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SCEGGS School Build

In October last year, Sceggs Darlinghurst sent 53 students and 10 teachers to Siem Reap in Cambodia to help build 5 homes for vulnerable families in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
The common problem for these families was that most lived in housing shelters made of wood and palm leaves, leaving their homes vulnerable to the harsh weather and insects.
The students assisted by building new, upgraded homes made of timber, providing access to adequate housing, health, and opportunities for the families to be in a better financial position.
Following the build, Sceggs produced a beautiful book full of photos and well wishes which were presented to the families, who stood proudly in front of their new homes.

Some of the students also expressed what the build experience was like for them:
I believe that the experience was very worthwhile and it is a trip I will never forget. I learnt a lot about the culture in Cambodia and the relationships that we made with the local community overcame the language barriers. The families were very grateful for what we had done and the handover ceremony was very sad, yet happy at the same time. – Emma

I think this trip was so eye-opening and really helped expand my world and make me a more thoughtful, conscious person. – Phoebe
During my five days of building not only did I form stronger relationships with my build group but I learnt so much about the family we were building for and how different their lives are. – Tui