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Meet Sabina | Everyone deserves to live independently and safely  

In Nepal in a small village, there is a 12-year-old girl named Sabina. Sabina was born with physical disability conditions that left her with paralyzed legs and a speech impediment.  Sabina is cared for by her mother Tadiya full-time. In their previous home, Sabina was not able to access her room or the toilet without her mother’s support due to not having a ramp. This made Sabina 100% dependent on her mother 24/7.  

Tadiya partnered with Habitat for Humanity Nepal to rebuild their home to meet Sabina’s needs so she can move around the house in her wheelchair without her mother’s assistance.  

Our project in Nepal helped Tadiya (the Habitat Homeowner) modify Sabina’s home to be wheelchair accessible and disabled-friendly. For her ease of movement, a railing has been installed around the veranda in her home that is connected to the toilet. Sabina’s mother is the only one who brings her to the toilet, but Tadiya is hopeful that one day Sabina will be able to take care of herself by using the ramp and railing. 

Before the building of the new home even got underway, the Project Team conducted an accessibility study and produced a report outlining the necessary modifications. First, the technical team created a home plan with a toilet integrated into it. They also installed a railing around the veranda that led to the bathroom. 

Sabina’s family and neighbours are proud of her for having the strength to stand up on her own and for beginning to walk, albeit with shaky balance. According to Tadiya, Sabina’s life has changed for the better thanks to Habitat for Humanity’s construction of the home and the required home modification for Sabina. 

A new home for Sabina means so much more than a secure roof overhead. A new home has given Sabina the independence to move freely and take care of herself.  

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Nepal to provide access to safe shelter. 

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