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Meet Barb and Les

Meet Barba and Les*, they have lived in the beautiful Blue Mountains for over 12 years. In 2019 when the bushfires ravaged their street, they were luckily in visiting family in Sydney however when they saw the reports there were confident, they had lost their home like many of their neighbours. To their surprise and great relief, the fire had missed their home.  

Since then, sadly Les has become terminally ill and unable to help his wife Barb maintain their land. Barb has become Les’ full-time caretaker leaving her in a difficult position and unable to tend to her beautiful garden and land. This left them vulnerable to future fires as they have not been able to maintain a safe fire break.  

Our volunteers spent one full day working at Barb and Les’s property to create a clear overgrown vegetation to create a firebreak. With a little time to spare the volunteers helped Barb with her vegetable garden and create a safe and clear passage for Barb and Les to use when accessing their vegetable garden.  

Barb and Les can now focus on Les’ health knowing that their land is now manageable and a much better position for future disasters.  

Sadly Les passed away in September 2022 from his illness.

Watch Barb and Les’ story here: