Race against clock to find shelter for Cyclone affected families

Please donate today to help families devastated by Cyclone Winstondonate

With each passing day, aid agencies are alarmed at the scale of the destruction caused by Cyclone Winston in Fiji, with latest reports indicating over 50,000 people are now in temporary evacuation centres.

Many of these centres are schools and with a government edict to reopen the schools in just over a week, the race is on to find temporary housing for people in communities which were hammered by the worst cyclone ever to hit the region.

Habitat for Humanity is warning Fiji’s shelter crisis, which is worsening by the day, is an urgent priority.

“With many areas still facing communication cuts and power outages, there are new revelations each day about the scale of the destruction,” said Habitat for Humanity Chief Executive, Martin Thomas. “The numbers left homeless jumped by 10,000 in just a day. We need to fast-track the aid response to ensure people have a chance to repair their homes or at least have access to temporary shelters.”

The situation is critical and the current shelter response is unable to cater to the number of people that will be without shelter once schools open.

To add to this, Fiji’s National Disaster Management Organisation has warned that thousands of houses across Fiji may need to be demolished as a result of damage from Cyclone Winston, presenting significant shelter challenges over the months ahead.

Habitat for Humanity were on the ground in the immediate aftermath of the storm conducting and supporting assessments with the local government.

Habitat will be assisting 5,000 families with emergency shelter assistance and based on funding availability, will also focus on longer-term response including helping affected communities with housing solutions ranging from emergency shelter interventions to permanent home reconstruction.

Please donate today to help families devastated by Cyclone Winstondonate

9 thoughts on “Race against clock to find shelter for Cyclone affected families”

    1. Hi Kelly,
      At this stage our team are still assessing the damage to see how we can best assist on the ground. We will potentially be sending teams to assist with rebuilding in the future, but at this stage nothing is concrete. If you’d like to register your interest in possibility volunteering on a build in Fiji please send your details to global.village@habitat.org.au and we will keep you in the loop.

      The Habitat team

  1. Hi

    I have been trying to donate for two days now and i am having problems as your page does not come up. Is there any other way i can donate to you for Figi?


    marion Watson

    Gatton Qld

    1. Hi Marion,
      Sorry to hear your have had troubled donating. Are you using this link? http://www.habitat.org.au/cyclonewinston

      The website is up and running as usual but if you’d like to give us a call on our toll free number 1800 88 55 99, one of our staff members will gladly help you out.

      The Habitat team

  2. Do you deploy teams form Australia to assess the damage, or are your teams on the ground local partners and/or other habitat for humanity offices?

    How would one register interest in and initial deployment team to assess impact, identify needs, coordinate with other agencies and provide immediate assistance?

    1. Hi Kenneth,
      Thanks for your comment. In the aftermath of a disaster, staff from our local office, in this case Habitat for Humanity Fiji, work with local partners and government to assess the damage. After a disaster, there may be communication cuts, cancelled flights and power outages, like we’ve seen in Fiji, so using our local offices ensures we are on the ground immediately and can assist with assessments.

      In most cases, our disaster response efforts are led by our in-country partners who are most familiar with the landscape and needs of the community. At times, we may send staff from Habitat Australia to assist with assessments but this is generally further down the track. So, unfortunately we are unable to help send teams to assist with the assessment in the immediate aftermath. However, we may require team of volunteers to assist with the rebuilding of homes destroyed by Cyclone Winston in the months to come. To register your interest please email your details to global.village@habitat.org.au and we will keep you up to date of any opportunities that arise.

      The Habitat team

  3. Hi,
    I’d like to organise a community fundraiser to help raise funds to support Habitat for Humanity and its efforts in Fiji.
    The plan is to ask for donations from local community groups in order to facilitate a community garage sale. I’m wondering if it would be possible to request a support letter from your organisation in order to present it to these community groups and local council with my intention?

    1. Hi Firdause,
      Thank you for your support!

      I’ve passed your details onto Daniel in our fundraising department. He’ll email through you everything you need and some information on how to get started!

      The Habitat team

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