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Meet Kolab

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia has been supporting impoverished Cambodian families in creating safe and sanitary home environments.

Kolab, 54, and her husband, Sokha, 49, live with their daughter and son in Preak Trob village, Preak Norin commune, Ek Phnom District, Battambang Province. Sokha and his son, Pheak, 26, work as construction workers in Battmbang city, while Kolab stays at home to grow crops behind her house.

Kolab’s family originally lived in a small and decrepit house, which had no functioning front door, and was at constant risk of collapsing. The imminent dangers of the house were mentally taxing on Kolab’s family, especially during nighttime, where they would seldom get a peaceful night’s sleep. Adding to their woes, Kolab and Sokha both had little time to work, as they stayed home to take care of Liza, the family’s youngest daughter, who was suffering from seizures. Unfortunately, Liza passed away in August 2021. 

Women working in cambodia

In February 2021, Kolab and her family received support from Habitat for Humanity’s New Start, New Life, Communities for Communities project. The project helped Kolab restore her house, build a functioning latrine, and also install a water filter. “We are no longer worried if the house will collapse, and we feel safer as our house has a proper door now with the strong foundation of concrete,” said Kolab.

With the new installations, the Kolab’s family has been able to greatly increase their hygienic practices. They can now access safe water with the provided filter jar – saving them money from purchasing clean water – along with accessing a proper latrine that can operate in both a clean and convenient manner. “My husband and I are more aware of the self-hygiene and gaining knowledge on house care and health after receiving a train from project staff,” said Kolab.

The new house has also enabled Kolab to start growing corn and raising chickens, both of which has helped the family to generate additional income that can ease their financial burden. “We can afford to pay the loan fee that we lend for our daughter medical’s bills since she was alive, and we can spare some for our daily expenses.” Said Kolab.

Every donation made to Habitat for Humanity Australia for this project is combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. Since we have committed to contribute at least $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government, ANSA home’s support allows us to extend our programs and impact the lives of more people.

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