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Meet Chann

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with Communities for Communities and our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia who has been working hard to provide safe shelter and financial assistance for impoverished Cambodian families.  

Chann, 67, lives with her grandson, Lina, 23, in Preak Trob village in the Battambang Province. Lina lost his parent when he was 7 years old and currently lives as an HIV positive patient after he was infected by his parents.

The two live in a wooden cottage attached to Chann’s daughter’s house. The cottage has been haphazardly constructed, which offers a very confined and narrow living environment.

In September 2020, Chann was able to receive support from Habitat for Humanity’s ‘New Start, New Life, Communities for Communities’ Program which allowed her to make upgrades to her home. “I feel comfortable staying in my new house, it feels warmer during the cold season, and I can sleep peacefully at night now,” said Chann. Furthermore, the Habitat for Humanity program also gave the family an opportunity to learn about hygiene, family development plans, social service, and mine risk awareness.

In the past, Lina also had a long commute to work, as he was unable to find a job in his village. He would earn around US$125 per month, which he splits for family daily expenses and savings. Through his assiduous saving habits, Lina was able to eventually apply for a financial instalment grant, which allowed him to achieve his dream of owning a motorbike.

Chann in front of her new home

Lina has been able to use this motorbike to not only work away from home but also to visit Chann. “My grandson comes to visit me once a month, and he gives me $25 for my expenditure every time he comes, and the rest of his income is kept for the instalment fee.” said Chann 

With an improvement in both their financial and housing circumstances, Chann has been very grateful for the help Habitat for Humanity has provided. “We feel safe staying in our house even if in rainy season as we never experienced any shaky so far,” Chann added.

Every donation made to Habitat for Humanity Australia for this project is combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. Since we have committed to contribute at least $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government, ANSA home’s support allows us to extend our programs and impact the lives of more people.

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