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Meet Vorn

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia to access safe shelter.

In a village in Cambodia, two sisters lived in vulnerable conditions for far too long. 64 year old widow Vorn is both the breadwinner and caretaker of her sister Sambat, who is 53 and has a birth disability that disables her from doing most tasks, including walking.

Vorn (64) and Sambat (53) in their old house that no proper roof, walls or foundations.

For years the sisters lived in a space that had no proper conditions; no walls, doors, or a proper roof or foundations that would shelter them from rain and wind. Furthermore, it made it impossible for Sambat to move around without Vorn’s help, who spent half of her day working for only $4-$5 per time making and selling sticky rice dessert.

Their lives changed in July 2021, when Habitat Cambodia stepped in and built them a proper house that aided to their needs, as part of the “New Start, Community for Community” project. It has easier ways for Sambath to move and to be moved around the house without needing Vorn to overdo in physical activity.

Sambat sitting outside her new home.

“6 months living in our new house, we have had the best feeling. I am so happy for my sister. The new house design makes it easier for Sambat to move around freely. The latrine inside the house is very comfortable for us, especially at night or during rain. The water filter has enabled us to have safer water to drink and saves us lots of time. We are thankful for all the support,” said Vorn.

Thanks to the effort of many, the sisters can now enjoy a safe home, where Sambat has a window to look out at any time of the day, and Vorn can rest easily after a day of work.

Vorn and Sambat saying hello from their new view from their window.