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Meet Christina

Meet Christina, she is a single mum to her three beautiful children. Her positive attitude towards life and infectious laugh defy the challenging life Christina’s family has had in recent years, which includes her own personal battle with cancer.

Following a marriage breakdown, Christina ended up in another relationship that turned abusive. Christina fled this situation for her safety and that of her children, which resulted in Christina losing most of her life’s savings. With limited income, Christina and her children had no option but to move in with her ageing parents.

While incredibly grateful for her parent’s support, living in these crowded conditions placed a strain on the family’s relationships, and so Christina was desperate to find her own home in which to raise her family. Her low income meant she had no possibility of entering the housing market without support. This is where Habitat stepped in.

This is Christina, one of our partner families in South Australia. Christina has a can-do selfless attitude. She has provided free haircuts for homeless people in her area and even helped build her neighbour’s Habitat home. Christina shares: “I am still pinching myself…. thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to have my own home! To have the control over being safe.” Thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers Christina and her three beautiful children have a safe and decent home to live in.

Partner Family Update: Christina and her three children have now been living in their Habitat home for over a year now. We spoke to Christina about life since moving into her Habitat home. “It’s been amazing and changed our lives. We have somewhere to call home now. We were ok physically beforehand but now mentally we are so much happier. It’s good to run my own kitchen and laundry. It’s been a massive blessing and so important for me. Who would have thought that in my 40’s I’d get the keys to my own home that I helped build! This is ours!”