Our Development Approach

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We work in partnership with communities across the Asia Pacific region to address housing and to support integrated community development.

Our strategic focus is to transform lives by tackling housing inequality in an increasingly urbanised world.

We achieve this by building impact

Building community impact

Directly linking families and communities to financial support mechanisms, secure tenure and safe housing products and services, including access to basic services such as water, sanitation, waste management and electricity.

Building sector impact

    Supporting the development of national housing markets, including finance, construction materials and labour, and advocating to governments for policy and system change which support communities to access decent housing at scale.

    Across all our projects, considerations are made to:

    Protect the rights of children

    Reach the most vulnerable including women, marginalised groups and people living with disabilities

    Reduce potential negative
    environmental impacts

    Reduce risks from natural

    Ensure the sustainability of
    project results

    We partner with a diverse range of organisations.