Victoria to hand over 60th home

Meet Fran, soon-to-be owner of Habitat for Humanity’s 60th home in Victoria. Fran is a single Mum and full time carer to her sons, 12-year-old Ibrahim, who is deaf, and 5-year-old Maurice, who is autistic. With both boys needing full time care, Fran hasn’t been able to work for many years. This has made obtaining stable housing a real challenge and the dream of owning a home almost impossible.

Currently, Fran spends over 40% of her income on housing and significant portion on her boys’ medical needs, such as weekly speech therapy. In addition, Fran doesn’t have other family in Australia to give her any support. All of this has placed a significant amount of emotional and financial stress on the family.

Fran’s family will be taking part in Habitat for Humanity Victoria’s Quick Build Program for their home which will be built in just 6 weeks. This means they will be the 60th family who will be empowered and their lives changed through home ownership.

“When they came to my house to tell me the news, that night I didn’t sleep,” said Fran. “I thank God so much for the people that have trusted me with this gift. My boys’ future is secure. For me, taking care of these boys is my priority. It will be a great relief.”

Fran says she is looking forward to moving into the Yea Estate where her family can connect and become a part of the neighbourhood.

Most of all Fran is excited to be able to leave a legacy for her sons and provide them with the stability of a home that they can call their own.

“It’s a big burden off my shoulders. Their future is secure,” she said.

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