Team Leadership

Leading a Global Village trip can be very rewarding with many positive outcomes. Our team leaders tell us that the Global Village leadership experience is a wonderful personal and professional growth opportunity. By leading a team, you will draw on your leadership skills to:

  • Shape the experience by selecting the destination and itinerary for the build
  • Form an effective, motivated team and develop their shared vision for the build
  • Coach team members and manage their expectations through their transformative experience
  • Guide your team to success in a cross-cultural environment


For these reasons, many corporate clients use our Global Village for professional development opportunities for their employees. From team leaders to executives, the opportunity for development is substantial.

A well-prepared and thoughtful leader can make a big difference in the impact of the experience. It is a big responsibility not to be taken lightly, as you will be entrusted with the wise stewardship and care of many valuable resources - the most important being people.

As a team leader, you will be well supported by the Global Village team, both here in Australia and in your destination country. We will train you as a team leader, answer your questions, assist you in recruiting the minimum of 12 team members, help you plan your trip, give you fundraising tips and guide you in motivating and coaching your team.

You can choose the destination for your build. There are approximately 40 countries in the Habitat network that host Global Village builds. The most popular are in our neighbourhood - the Asia Pacific - but you can travel further abroad to Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean or Africa.

For more information, make an online enquiry or join us at one of Habitat's Global Village information evenings to learn more.