Volunteer Overseas with Global Village

Travel overseas to a community unlike your own and spend a week building a home for a family in need. By joining a Global Village Build you can experience the feeling of making a difference with your own hands.

You might be giving a child four walls and a safe shelter for the first time in their little life. You could be helping a family to prevent the loss of all of their belongings when it rains. Maybe you will rescue a community living in a rubbish dump and provide them with the decent home they deserve.  

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, you will change lives.

How Can I Get Involved?


Join a build: Join a team of likeminded individuals and travel overseas to build a home together. You will meet people of all ages and walks of life; build lifelong friendships and work together to make a real change.



lead a build  

Lead a build: Become a team leader and lead your own Global Village trip. You can choose the country and decide whether you want to take your friends and family or welcome likeminded volunteers from across the country.

corporate builds


Go on a corporate build: You or your organisation can get a workplace team together and form a Global Village team. You can choose the time and location but wherever you go your team will work together, learn new skills and give back to a community in need.




school builds


Go on a build with your school: Take a team of students (aged 15 or above) on an overseas build where they will learn new skills, work hard as team and be inspired by a world unlike their own.